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CTS Fire and Security’s team of highly-trained technicians are experienced and efficient in conducting Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, Bi-Monthly and Monthly inspections. We can also provide you with a Fire Equipment Maintenance Logbook so that all maintenance duties and records are kept in an orderly manner.

24/7 On-Call Support

Call us on our On-Call number at 226-820-9216.

CTS is here with a paramount Customer Relations Team available 24/7 to handle any and everything from emergencies to everyday questions and concerns. We guarantee that all your inquiries will be handled in a timely and professional manner, and all emergencies will be dealt promptly and with swift action.

Fire Alarm Verification

There are many instances where a Fire Alarm System Verification is required. Such instances include: Whenever a new fire alarm system is installed, whenever a material change or alteration to an existing Fire Alarm system has been completed, changing a defective field device with a new one, or adding a new field device, to name a few.

CTS promises to carry out the verification of any new and altered components related to a Fire Alarm System in a timely and efficient manner while complying with all procedures outlined in Section 7 of CAN/ULC-S537- 13 (Section 6 of CAN/ULC-S537- 04). To inquire about your verification requirements, please contact CTS Fire and Security Via e-mail or telephone and we will be happy to assist.

Fire Alarm Monthly Inspection

We provide Monthly Testing and Inspection Services thereby reassuring building occupants (including new tenants and new employees of existing tenants) that their workplace or residence safety is covered by an operational Fire Alarm System.

Inspections include:
Inspect Portable Extinguishers
Test Battery powered Emergency Lighting
Test Fire Alarm System
Test Voice Communication System
Inspect Standpipe Hose Cabinets
Test Sprinkler Alarm
Inspect doors in fire separations.

Fire Alarm Annual Inspection

“As per the Ontario Fire Code (OFC), all fire and life safety equipment in a building must be inspected annually. Systems to be inspected if present in a building are (but not limited to): Fire Alarm Systems, Sprinkler Systems, Fire Hoses and Extinguishers, and Emergency Lighting. Annual Inspections are to be done by qualified contractors. OFC”

Every year (in Canada), Provincial and Territorial Fire Codes mandate that a building’s fire alarm system be tested to something called CAN/ULC-S536 (Canadian Standard for Annual Fire Alarm Testing).  This means that EVERY device that forms part of your building’s fire alarm system must be tested to ensure it will function adequately in an emergency. It is very important that your Life Safety System is tested annually and we at CTS Fire and Security are here to help.
At CTS fire, we offer you a leading inspection team, competitive pricing and most importantly, unrivaled customer relations team that is happy to assist with any questions and inquiries you may have.

Security CCTV

Are you I need of a CCTV system? CTS has you covered. We offer competitive rates on all types of Installation, service and general maintenance of various security camera systems. Including HD DVR systems, HD NVR systems with remote viewing capabilities. Hate wires? Holes in your walls? Don’t worry, we have you covered with our top quality wireless surveillance systems. Inquire within today!.

ULC/Non-ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring

CTS Fire and security is a registered partner with the Security Response Centre of Canada to provide top quality Fire Alarm Monitoring when you need it most. We use the latest technology to provide sophisticated security system monitoring services to our customers to ensure that satisfaction is guaranteed. From the initial installation to a growing relationship, Let CTS provide you a personally tailored quote today.

Our Work

We Supplied and Verified the Fire Alarm Equiptment as Well as Continue with the Annual Inspection

Homewood Health Centre

Old Quebec Street Mall

8 Hickory Street, Waterloo Stage 1

181 Lester Street, Waterloo (Site)

339 King Street N, Waterloo (Site)

Imperial Towers, Guelph (Site)

Stockyards Village

Canadian Tire

The Pen Centre

Portage Rehabilitation Centres

Domus Student Housing

KW 4 Rent

Sage Living Condominiums Stages I, II, III, V, VI

About Us

A Local Fire and Life Safety Service Provider

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our Company, ControlTech Systems Corp., as an alternative service provider to your existing Fire Protection and Life Safety Service Company for service calls, repairs and annual inspections. Having an established office in Guelph, we are ideally located to service the needs of new customers within the Guelph and Tri City area, while continuing to serve our existing client base throughout Ontario. Together we have combined experience of over 100 years in this industry and we are able to offer a full range of fire protection and life safety services to cover your varying needs. CTS offers fully certified technicians who service a full range of fire protection requirements including monthly and annual fire protection system inspections, monitoring services, fire drills, preparation of Fire Safety Plans, service and installation of fire alarm systems, Sprinkler Systems, Carbon Monoxide Systems, emergency lighting systems and fire extinguishers, monitoring systems, intercom & telephone access systems etc. In addition, our factory trained technicians provide a 24-Hour/7 days a week emergency service to ensure that your buildings are fully protected at all times.

We are a local company who can tailor our services to meet your needs regardless of the size of your business and we offer all of this at a competitive price. CTS has clients ranging from small commercial and residential buildings to large corporate business facilities offering solutions that work in compliance with code and, where applicable, ULC standards.

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you in the future, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our office.

CTS is a licensed distributor and service company for Mircom and Notifier fire alarm systems, as well as having the expertise to handle fire alarm panels manufactured by Edwards, Simplex etc.

The Team

With more than a combined 100 years in the business, Control tech has the knowledge and capabilities that you require.

Allan Fish

Fire Alarm Technician

Ryan Haynes

Senior Fire Alarm Technician

Andrew Boyd

Fire Alarm Technician

Allan Bain

Fire Alarm Technician

Paul Parnell

Fire Alarm Technician

Aaron Baughan

Assistant Technician

Robby Wiersta

Assistant Technician / Office

Celina Gavin


Gaynor Illingworth


The Founders

Richard Giguere

Owner / Founder

Rick Parnell

Owner / Founder

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